Australia needs a domestic travel certificate NOW

Lack of foresight has all but destroyed travel but a domestic travel certificate would provide an instant boost Roger Smith, Director Operations at Echidna Walkabout, says a domestic travel certificate will save travel in Australia Last Thursday, defending questions about the Government's poor handling of the vaccine rollout in Australia, the Prime Minister said, “I think there are a lot of heroes of hindsight at the moment……”. It was yet another too-smart line from a man who is a master…

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New Australian conservation travel alliance to be launched at ATE

MEDIA RELEASE The new brand, Conservation Travel Australia (CTA), will launch at this year’s Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE), and is an alliance between internationally recognised wildlife tour company, Echidna Walkabout, and the not-for-profit koala conservation organisation, Koala Clancy Foundation. CTA has been formed to expand the offering of educational, immersive conservation travel opportunities to the leisure, corporate, educational and volunteer travel sectors. It is tourism leading conservation as opposed to the other way around and will provide greater opportunities for…

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Conservation Travel Australia : tackling climate change

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New travel alliance calls on travel industry to act on climate change — or lose the next generation of travellers Roger Smith, Director Operations at Echidna Walkabout, explains why Conservation Travel Australia has been formed "The one thing we need more than hope is action." Greta Thunberg, TEDx Stockholm 2018 Climate change is the biggest reality check tourism in Australia has ever faced. The Great Barrier Reef is dying; wildfires are incinerating our national parks; our iconic wildlife is disappearing; our…

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How to learn from wildlife

Wildlife travel teaches us how to care for nature "Learning about wild animals is an essential part of a wildlife tour but the takeaway is even more important" Have you ever wondered why kangaroos are wary of humans? Could it be that they’ve been hunted by us for thousands of years and have learnt that we’re not to be trusted? I’d go with that theory but there's more to the story..... For most of my 70 years I’ve been around…

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Platypus : how to find one

Finding platypus is not easy – here’s what to look for and where to search (Originally published by Echidna Walkabout : December 2020) Platypus are mystical creatures. One may be in a river or lake near you but you won’t see it; they are shy and secretive. They don’t want to be found. They come and go as they please, often with no indication of where they have been except, maybe, a few ripples or a small stream of bubbles…

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