Conservation Travel Australia : tackling climate change

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New travel alliance calls on travel industry to act on climate change — or lose the next generation of travellers Roger Smith, Director Operations at Echidna Walkabout, explains why Conservation Travel Australia has been formed "The one thing we need more than hope is action." Greta Thunberg, TEDx Stockholm 2018 Climate change is the biggest reality check tourism in Australia has ever faced. The Great Barrier Reef is dying; wildfires are incinerating our national parks; our iconic wildlife is disappearing; our…

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Delightful little fish of Ningaloo Reef

At Ningaloo Reef, the little fish are a delight. "Out of the boulders sparks of light flashed"  At Ningaloo we expect to see the big guys: Whale Sharks and Humpbacks. But, like so much in life, the unexpected can become a highlight. Our friends at Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks always get swimmers into the water for a snorkel on the reef first thing in the morning. It helps everyone relax with their equipment, learn how to use it, and lets…

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